Don't Overspend For Valentine's Day! Also, Single Men Stink?

I want to help you save money! Valentine's Day costs can add up extremely quickly. I HATE Valentine's Day. All my life, I have always felt that it can make single people (like how I always was before Awesome Girlfriend Megan,) feel lonely. All because of a hallmark holiday. Fortunately for me, Awesome Girlfriend Megan agrees. We probably won't be together this Valentine's Day, and we are okay with that. When we do end up together on Valentine's Day coincidentally, we always make it a point to hang out with one of our single besties. As for buying flowers, I always get flowers for Madre, Wicked Awesome Sistawh Suzanne, and my Grammy whenever I go back home. The flower sales girl at the grocery store knows me, and can usually even guess which bouquet is for which one. With Awesome Girlfriend Megan, I always try to surprise her with them when she's not expecting it, just because. Flower prices go up over 100% on Valentine's Day week! Whether you want to call it cold, unromantic, or practical, it doesn't matter to us. I'm very happy I surprised Meg with flowers this past weekend to make her smile, as opposed to buying flowers because hallmark told me to do so. You can see how Americans are overspending on Valentine's Day by clicking here .


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