What to buy and not buy in February

February is the month for the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, Valentine's Day and President's Day. It's also a great month to get deals on some things you might need. According to the experts at Yahoo here are some things smart shoppers are getting deals on in February.

Winter Clothes-we might still have a month or two of cold left but retailers are already making room for new spring apparel. If you need a new coat or boots for the kids this is the time to buy.

Mattresses-President's Day weekend is one of the best times to buy a new mattress. Mattress stores have big sales only 3 times a year. President's Day weekend is one of them. You can expect real savings especially on higher quality brands.

President's Day sales- After the holidays President's Day weekend is the first opportunity for stores to have a three day weekend sale. This is a great time to save on everything from bedding to appliances.

Tax software- buy early and save. File early so you don't have to be stressed in April.

Some things you shouldn't buy: Flowers (you might have no choice on Valentine's Day) Electronics (except T.V.'s) and Clothing (except winter clothes)

Source: Yahoo

Photo by Pixabay


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