Mountain Creek - Vernon Settlement Could Be In Jeopardy Amidst Opposition

The pending lawsuit bankruptcy agreement between Mountain Creek and Vernon is now being contested by Sussex County Freeholders. The Sussex County Counsel is making objections in an attempt to provide more safeguards for Sussex County with this deal regarding the $28 million sewer debt to Vernon. Mountain Creek's representatives feel the pending deal already provides sufficient safeguards, as they have reportedly raised nearly $1 million with their 7% municipal fee on tickets sold since September. This development is happening after Vernon school officials warned of upcoming budget cuts with possible increases in taxes last week. For the best possible interest of Vernon, Mountain Creek, Sussex County and beyond hopefully we can get this resolved soon. You can read the whole story from our friends at NJ Herald here .

If you're looking for a good laugh to help you get through this winter storm, feel free to enjoy the video below of me learning to ski for my first time ever last month at Mountain Creek.



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