You Can Now Bet On The Oscars In New Jersey!

New Jersey is becoming the first state in America where you can legally bet on the Oscars! I'm certainly more excited for The Oscars than I was before today. Since I'm fiercely competitive, gambling and I have always been hand and hand. This is absolutely fascinating to me. In sports, nobody knows the outcome of games, but with The 91st Academy Awards there must be a select few who know ahead of time. Perhaps they can pull this off because you must be present in New Jersey to gamble on this? How fun is it to try and predict who you think will win at these awards shows? Now you can win money on it! I'm learning that Roma is apparently the major heavy favorite. William Hill's director of trading is saying that Lady Gaga is already the most popular bet. She is white hot right now, how could Gaga not be a heavy favorite both in pop culture and the gambling industry? You can see more about this here.


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