My busy weekend in pictures

I guess you could say this weekend I did a little of everything. I cooked my bourbon boozy chicken wings (Sunday), painted the bathroom ceiling (Sunday), did a live broadcast (Saturday) and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants (Monday). Of course, it was the unplanned fun with Gracie that supplied the best pictures.

On Saturday I did my monthly "Subaru Saturday" live broadcast at Subaru World of Newton. It was very busy. Everyone at Subaru World of Newton really enjoys when I come. Mike and David are two of my friends who work at Subaru World. They make it fun at Subaru World everyday.

On Sunday after church I was getting bored watching T.V. so I motivated myself to paint the bathroom ceiling. I've been procrastinating about it for months. It was a pain but now it's done. After spending so much time in the bathroom I've decided it's time for a little make over in there. A new counter top will be ordered and installed soon. I made 5 pounds of my bourbon boozy chicken wings for dinner. What you see in the picture is what was left for midnight snacking.

On Monday after work I went to my accountant to get my taxes done. I couldn't help but ask how President Trump's tax plan was playing out in New Jersey. He said 97 percent of New Jersey taxpayers are paying less. Even with limited property tax deduction. He said people are making more money too. Then I took Kim and Gracie for a delicious lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Tony's Pizza and Pasta in Hamburg. The portions were huge and everything was delicious. I'm looking forward to the other half of my chicken parm sandwich tonight.

My grand daughter Gracie really provided some unexpected funny moments. Sunday morning she hilariously tried to cover me with the couch pillows. On Monday she managed to remove my Sussex County Miners hat and put it on her own little head while we were having lunch at Tony's.


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