NJ Man Accused Killing 3 In Wayne Gas Station Crash Had Prior License Susp.

The New Jersey man, 29 year old Jason Vanderee from Glenwood in Vernon, accused of killing 3 while under the influence in the Wayne gas station crash, has reportedly had his license suspended previously for driving under the influence of liquor or drugs. This unfortunately wasn't the first time that Vanderee had driving citations. This story has had everyone talking about what a terrible tragedy this is. Steve Andrews posted about this earlier, and you can read the earlier story here. This story has made me sick to my stomach all day. I shared a picture of two of the three victims, Jon Warbeck (who would have turned 50 today,) with his 17 year old son Luke on my Facebook page earlier. My thoughts and prayers to all of those who have been impacted by this tragedy. These stories are always humbling when it could have easily been you or me in that car innocently getting gas. It happened in Wayne on Route 23, and this unfortunately can happen anywhere else too.


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