YES! They're Going To Start Selling Beer/Wine At Rutgers Games!

Rutgers University will finally start selling beer and wine at their sporting events! This will be an exciting Fall for RU. I am very excited by this development and must credit Awesome Girlfriend Megan for alerting me of the story. While alcohol has been served in exclusive club suites that I'm not cool enough to make it into, it will now be sold in the general seating areas too. I remember going to my first ever division 1 college football game just a couple of years ago with Awesome Girlfriend Megan at Rutgers, and I was stunned that they didn't sell alcohol inside the venue. It's a sporting event! I was wondering if this means that now with legal beer sales will this lead to rowdy college crowds, but studies are showing that controlled alcohol sales can actually lead to fewer issues.

Not selling beer at a football game, even college, just seemed so odd to me. Hopefully this can lead to more revenue for RU! Full disclosure, I'm now a diehard RU fan. Awesome Girlfriend Megan went to school there, has a wonderful career in their Foundation Department, and two of her three Awesome Daughters attend school at RU. Needless to say, I see the bright red "R," in my sleep. There's also perfect synergy, with my New England Patriots having such a long standing terrific relationship with Rutgers University. Bill Belichick's son and current Patriot coach, Steve attended RU and has always had very high praise for them.


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