My mostly unplanned weekend in 5 pictures

I only had one planned event this weekend. The rest of my weekend was up to me to make interesting and entertaining. Everything just fell in place very nicely. As it turns out I spent a lot of time watching baseball. Two Mets spring training games were on T.V. this weekend so I spent part of Saturday and part of Sunday watching baseball. The Mets won on Saturday. The game against the Astros on Sunday was a nightmare. It didn't matter Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez were in rare form. Saturday Morning I had lunch with my stepson and his daughter at Wendy's in Matamoras. Wendy's coffee is excellent. Then on Saturday evening I drove to High Point State Park to see my friend Lori Space Day stand up comedy show. Saturday Night was a fund raiser for the Friends of High Point State Park. There was a great crowd. Lori's approach to comedy was unique and refreshing. If you don't know Lori is one of the zookeepers at Space Farms. Her true stories about the animals in the zoo and the people who visit are hilarious. I had a great time. Sunday was clean out the refrigerator day. I made a buffet out of all the opened packages of food no one was eating in the freezer. We had pigs in a blanket, barbecued chicken wings, pizza bites, mini meat balls, spaghetti and string beans. Much to my surprise my family ate everything. Now there's a little room in the freezer too.


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