N.J. Congressman wants supermarkets to ban the National Enquirer

New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell wants supermarkets to stop selling the National Enquirer. On Monday he sent a letter to five major supermarket chains: Walmart, Kroeger, Albertson's, Publix and Food Lion. In the letter he said: "Misinformation makes our society sick." The 9th District Congressman says his call for a boycott has nothing to do with the First Amendment because it's not about preventing the tabloid from getting published. Pascrell is a Democrat who represents most of Passaic County and Paterson. He compared The Enquirer to contaminated food saying the tabloid spreads "Fake News" and possibly extortion. The supermarkets have not responded to the Congressman yet. Recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has accused The Enquirer's publisher of trying to blackmail him. Bezos is the owner and publisher of The Washington Post. The owner of The Enquirer is a friend of President Trump. I guess the Congressman has no problem with the fact that more than 90 percent of the news media is biased against President Trump and Republicans. Nor is he bothered by the constant stream of incorrect stories that reportedly come from "anonymous sources" in the New York Times and Washington Post. Personally. I won't spend my hard earned money on The Enquirer. Everyone knows it's mostly gossip and published for entertainment purposes. What Congressman Pascrell should be worried is the fact that the journalistic standards of the Post and the Times are starting to approach the standards of The Enquirer. If people didn't want to read The Enquirer they wouldn't buy it. If no one was buying the Enquirer supermarkets wouldn't make valuable space for it at their checkouts. Lighten up Congressman. Stop trying to control what people read.

Source: The Hill

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