My Epic Weekend In Pictures With Some New Scenery

This Epic Weekend In Pictures involved some new adventures, and some relaxation. Our travels took us to Vernon, Jefferson, Lake Hopatcong, Franklin, and so much more. Warning, due to iPhone / Computer issues, this Weekend In Pictures will be a little shorter than my typical posts.

Friday night was a special night for me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan, because we were able to stay in! Meg and I tend to be out and about a ton probably due to our cast of amazing friends all throughout Jersey, Boston and beyond. For us staying in for a quiet Friday night in was absolutely phenomenal. Meg recently purchased The Grinch on DVD, so we had a quiet movie night in. This is The Grinch that was out in theaters last Fall, narrated by Pharrell Williams. I didn't enjoy this Grinch as much as my favorite Jim Carrey version, nor the original cartoon, but any Grinch is still a huge victory in my book. This Grinch may be enjoyable if you have young ones watching. I made popcorn, and we enjoyed yummy Josh red cabernet wine. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I don't get many nights like this, so we are happy to make it count whenever possible.

Saturday morning, I attempted to surprise Meg with coffee made straight from my Keurig. Making coffee in my Keurig is so simple, even I can do it, that is, until there is a technical difficulty. Upon powering on my Keurig, it immediately started spouting water NONSTOP. I yelled in fear and minorly panicked. Meg rolled out of bed, then started trying to fix it. She pulled it apart, cleaned all of it out at least twice with vinegar and it still wouldn't work. My Keurig kept spouting out water nonstop as Meg and I kept googling and youtubing how to fix broken Keurigs. Where were we before Google and Youtube? I'm not handy at all whatsoever, but fortunately for me Meg quite often is. How lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan, right? I felt useless unable to help, so I volunteered to shovel out both of our cars from Friday night's snowstorm so I could at least contribute something and feel somewhat valuable. By the time I shoveled both of our cars out, Meg announced she fixed our Keurig! She kept looking online at solutions, and one of them was to flip it over upside down, and bang the heck out of it. That apparently worked! Hooray! My Keurig is back up and running, which is terrific because I'll do anything for love, but attempting to boil water just isn't in my repertoire. By the way, Meg also discovered that I have some filters for my Keurig, and apparently you're supposed to change filters every once in awhile. Who knew!

Saturday afternoon we were able to embark on a new adventure with our bestie, Marky! Marky is just that lovable friend who always knows how to crack you up. He recommended we try out Stone Water on Lake Hopatcong in Jefferson with him, and we were impressed. Even with the Lake icy and after a snowstorm, the views were still absolutely breathtaking. The Ithaca IPA and Yards Stout Meg and I tried were also delicious. Their menu was a little fancier than Meg and I normally prefer (we just like simple pub food basically,) but we had a wonderful time. After those two yummy beers, we knew it was time to venture back towards Vernon and Campus.

Awesome Girlfriend Megan had been craving a Guinness Shake that our buddy Damian from The Cottage in Franklin had recently invented. This shake had Guinness, Jameson Whiskey and ice cream. Our regular buddies at The Cottage were all teasing Meg asking if she ordered the drink from Friendly's, but she didn't care. Meg had a yummy stiff drink at an irish pub, so she was very happy. Our original Saturday night plans with our besties Jasen and Brendan had to be rescheduled, which left Meg and I with potential for an unprecedented second night in alone together. I knew this was a long shot because we're blessed with so many friends. Surely enough, we found ourselves at a party on Campus with our besties Carrie and Janice. We enjoyed more yummy red wine, coupled with many laughs.

Sunday Sunday Sunday, the calm before the storm! Meg and I slept in, and then did our farewell beer at The Cottage before she had to go back to Hackettstown. Always the saddest part of my weekend, when Meg has to go back to Hackettstown. We were able to see our bartender buddy Rachel who just came back from maternity leave and was full of comedy.

I was still able to hang with our besties Jasen and Brendan (and my nephew Spot,) before venturing out to Kite's. Great time with them, just laughing and recapping our busy weekends. They also gave me a piece of leftover steak from their casino getaway that was AMAZING. I'll be visiting that steakhouse in Monticello someday soon!

I then made plans with Steve Andrews to take him out for a Happy Hour glass of wine at Kite's! Normally I'll spend Sunday Happy Hour at Kite's with my usual besties and recap all of our weekends. Those friends are currently in Florida missing our winter weather, but I was still able to treat Andrews to a glass of happy hour wine and create our own little snow party. Great laughs together. I'm very lucky. I'm also lucky to have Andrews remind me of how lucky I am to have him. LOL. We had a great time, I wouldn't have wanted to end our weekend any other way.

We had a fantastic weekend, and I hope yours was too. Now time to start planning next weekend!


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