My Thanksgiving in March weekend in 5 pictures

Sometimes we have the most fun doing things we haven't even planned. The only plan I had for the weekend was to make a complete turkey dinner on Sunday. We had an extra turkey in the freezer since Thanksgiving. I wanted to make room. So it was time for "Thanksgiving in March." I cooked the turkey late Saturday night and left it out in the covered roasting pan until I got up on Sunday. The turkey came out great. Since it was cool it was super easy to carve. Sunday afternoon I made fresh mashed potatoes, corn and boxed stuffing. There was plenty of turkey for Maddie and Daisey too. Maddie just stares at me while I'm carving waiting for pieces to fall off. My family and I are looking forward to enjoying the left overs for the next few days.

The unplanned fun this weekend included watching James and his girlfriend make banana bread in my kitchen. Kim and Gracie make home made bath bombs in the kitchen too. Then it started to snow so I left to spend the night at Minerals Hotel. It's always better to be closer to WSUS on snowy overnights. When I got to the hotel it was happy hour at Kites. Steve Allan met me there and we had a great time just relaxing and talking about everything except work.


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