NJ's Route 23 Nicknamed "Heroin Highway?"

It's no secret that the Opioid Epidemic is hitting us all over America and certainly here in Jersey. Route 23 has reportedly been nicknamed "Heroin Highway," due to it being a path from Northern New Jersey to Paterson, traveling through several counties. I couldn't stop rereading this before going to sleep last night, and then it seemed like everyone started sharing it on social media nonstop. In 2013 Route 23 started gaining this unfortunate nickname after a state report. Here at our iHeartRadio stations in Sussex County, NJ we have tried to address this national and local crisis as well. Last year we held our Opioid Epidemic Town Hall forum, which we simulcasted on all 3 of our radio stations, 102.3 WSUS, Max 106.3 and 103.7 NNJ. This issue is on top of many minds after we learned that the 29 year old Jason Vanderee from Glenwood in Vernon had reportedly even a previous incident of driving while under the influence of heroin, before the crash that killed three innocent people at the Wayne Route 23 gas station. I hope we can keep working together and keep battling this crisis. You can read the full story from North Jersey Record here.


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