New Jersey Counties with the highest property taxes

You have to be careful when you use any kind of "average" statistic. Property taxes in New Jersey are based on property value and tax rate. Counties with higher property values in theory should have higher "average" taxes. Property taxes in New Jersey are a combination of local, county and school taxes. The good news for Sussex County is we didn't make the top 5. The top five highest property tax counties are Essex: $12,248 Bergen:$11,780 Union: $11,278 Morris: $10,480 and Passaic:10,005. All of those counties have their share of wealthy neighborhoods and high property values. Sussex County is right in the middle with an average tax bill of $7,626. On the lower end 8 New Jersey Counties have average property tax bills of $6.500 or less. Of course, property taxes across the board are higher this year than last year. If you wonder why people are moving out of New Jersey just take a look at the top 5 counties. Although these counties have some very wealthy communities taxes are still very high. I think Sussex County should encourage people who live in those top 5 counties to move here. Sussex County is beautiful, our taxes are thousands of dollars lower, we have some wonderful parks, a great business community and cool local radio stations too. Hey Essex, Bergen, Union, Morris and Passaic, Sussex County welcomes you. You'll love it here.

Source: NJ.COM

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