My Epic Weekend In Pictures, A Spring Weekend Where We Gave Away A Jeep!

Well this weekend was definitely action packed! It felt like we were all over Sussex County all weekend. We changed someone's life and helped give away a Jeep Renegade at Franklin Sussex Auto Mall. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I took our bestie Jasen to Lake Hopatcong for his first time, we enjoyed yummy food and adult beverages at several Sussex County hot spots. Awesome Girlfriend Megan has the patience of a Saint, and during this Epic Weekend In Pictures recap you will see how.

Friday afternoon my friends at Father John's Animal House informed me that my Pet Of The Week, Ozzie, had been adopted in less than 24 hours after visiting my radio show. That is always a great way to kick off my weekend! Congratulations to Ozzie and his new Furever Family.

Friday night, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I were more than ready for a chill night on Campus in Vernon. Our bestie Jasen and my nephew Spot were more than ready to entertain us. Meg came up with the idea to surprise Jasen with fried dumplings from The Cottage, and Jasen was grinning ear to ear with that surprise. Great idea by Meg, always great whenever we can make our friends smile.

Saturday morning I was woken up at 6:07am by a phone call from our Chief Engineer, Tony alerting me that our sister station Max 106.3 was off the air. This resulted in me having to get up, drive into the radio station and keep Max 106.3 on the air for 3 straight hours through technical difficulties. I felt so bad having to leave Meg, but she always understands that my career has me on call 24/7. Literally, 24/7. By the time I got back to Campus, Meg had already cleaned up my kitchen for me. She couldn't go back to sleep and wanted to be productive. I am blessed!

After a glass of wine Friday night, we then came up with the plan to take Jasen over to Lake Hopatcong. Despite growing up here, Jasen had never been to Lake Hopatcong. This horrified me as it's becoming one of mine and Meg's favorite places. We took him to Stone Water, where I had delicious lobster rolls. I don't do lobster that often because the price point tends to be slightly higher than I think it should be, but this was an excellent decision. I wasn't too hungry, so those two little toasted lobster rolls hit the spot. Plus, it was just lobster rolls with butter on them, no filler like celery and mayo that drives me nuts. Don't ya hate when you spend big money on a lobster roll and end up barely getting any lobster because of all the celery and mayo in it? Fortunately we didn't have that challenge.

Saturday was beautiful out on Lake Hopatcong. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I are definitely going to spend more time there this summer than previous years. We love it out there so much. Jasen enjoyed his lunch too. Success.

Saturday afternoon on our way back, I gave Jasen a tour of our radio station and showed him how we pull off the radio magic behind the scenes. It never gets old for me being able to show friends how our radio stations work.

After that fun, we dropped him off and then headed over to Franklin Sussex Auto Mall for their big annual March car giveaway. The weather was gorgeous, and you could see smiling faces as far as the eyes could see. It's always fun when we get to help change someone's life. Lorraine Koehler won the brand new Jeep Renegade and you can see the Facebook Live video we did below. March is always memorable here in Sussex County. Awesome Girlfriend Megan is always amazing and supportive, even though I put her to work on her day off, lol. Our Promotions Team of Cory, J Wizz, Zach and Rachel were all fantastic. We had anywhere from 2-300 people there for this event. Fun times!

Saturday night, Meg and I were able to hang with our besties Shawn and Mark. We picked The Lamp Post Inn, since it was right down the street from Auto Mall and in Vernon. They were slammed. Good for them. I'm always happy to see local businesses doing well. I even ran into my trainer friend Barbara from Minerals Sports Club there. Unfortunately it was so loud and slamming, we could barely hear each other, which was frustrating because the four of us hadn't hung out in so long. We decided next year after the big car giveaway, we'll just hang out at either my place or Shawn's. Much simpler and easier. We then ended up meeting up with our bestie Carrie for a chill night on Campus. It was still absolutely gorgeous out on her deck. Great times.


Sunday Funday time! Sunday morning Meg hopped in the shower first. Before I even got the sleep out of my eyes, I heard Meg puttering around somewhere in my 1 bedroom 1 level apartment. Surely enough, she was trying to get a head start and clean my deck without me. I quickly found another broom so I could help without getting in her way. We are happy to report that my deck and grill are ready for warm weather!

Sunday afternoon comes the sad part, when Awesome Girlfriend Megan has to go back to Hackettstown. We planned on doing our routine farewell beer at The Cottage, so I went to a nearby ATM. I then received a text from Meg telling me that our friends Jill and Parker Space were there! Woohoo! We greatly enjoyed getting to run into them. Our running joke is we only see them when it rains during warm weather, because their weekends are filled with operating the Zoo. Governor Phil Murphy was at The Cottage Saturday morning, so I was joking that we took our bar back Sunday afternoon. LOL. We were able to share laughs with many of our regular buddies, Bartender Rachel, Marky, Packer Fan Patrick, Artie, and more! Great times.

Sunday afternoon, we continued the party at Kite's. I was able to enjoy quality time and recap my weekend with Brad, JG, Steve and Marky. Excellent times. We laughed, and everyone still picks on me and JG for not liking cheese. Too bad!

This weekend we worked hard and played hard. We were able to enjoy amazing times with our wonderful friends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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