My "Good Progress" weekend in 5 pictures

Well it was a very busy weekend. On Saturday I helped Franklin Sussex Auto Mall give away a new 2018 Jeep Renegade. As promised there were plenty of other great prizes too. Like flat screen T.V.'s, Broadway Show Tickets, Bethel Woods Tickets and Crystal Springs gift cards. Congratulations to Lorraine Koehler from Highland Lakes. She won the car. I had a great day working with our promotions team. Thank You Corey, Zach, Jenny and Rachael. Now to my on going weekend projects. I bought an iron mesh patio table over 15 years ago after the glass on my patio table broke in a thunderstorm. That iron mesh table has served me well. Even after my son Matt spray painted his truck chains and left the outline of a chain on it. Over the years the table has rusted a little. I've talked about priming and repainting it but never got around to it. Finally, I got around to it yesterday. Now my table looks great again. I can't wait for the season's first pool party and barbecue. My other project this weekend was having Kim go through Gracie's toys. Then deciding which toys to keep and which toys to give away. That project was pretty successful. We did change our mind about one toy after Gracie started playing with it again. It was one of those indoor tents you can fold up. She was adorable trying to hide in it standing up. We let her keep it for now. On Sunday Night I celebrated the good progress we made by roasting a batch of my bourbon chicken thighs.


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