"Epic Phone Fails" happen much more than you think

A new survey by Ting Mobile has found most people have had an "epic phone fail" or two. When you think about it. Mobile Phones have been pretty common for almost 20 years so the probability is pretty good. According to the survey 60 percent have cracked the screen on their phone. Usually, by dropping it. 51 percent admit they've lost their phone thanks to an incident involving water. 30 percent fessed up to dropping it in the toilet. 76 percent have sent a text to the wrong person. Almost half of the people in the survey admit to sending a photo they've regretted. OK now here's my best epic phone fail. Almost 20 years ago during a live broadcast at Crystal Springs I dropped the WSUS cell phone in the toilet. I had to borrow someone else's phone to finish the live broadcast. I didn't get fired because I'm still here. But it was a running joke at the radio station for several months. Oooops, Splash..

Source: Ting Mobile

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Photo by Pixabay


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