Hamburg's zip code is getting a celebration

07419 is the zip code for Hamburg, New Jersey. Those numbers can also be an abbreviated way to write the date: July 4th 2019. Which is a few months away. This coming together of a date and zip code can happen only once for a town. So why not have a celebration when it does? That's exactly what the Borough of Hamburg is planning to do. Mayor Paul Marino says Post Master Brian Hahn plans to give borough employees and firefighters commemorative post cards with the date July 4, 2019 stamped on them. The post cards will have a picture of Hamburg Borough's seal and a Hamburg Fire Truck. This year the borough's fire department will turn 110 years old. Hamburg Borough celebrates it's centennial next year. The historic post cards will be available to anyone who wants one in December.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay


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