New Words Added To The Dictionary And Having A Favorite Kid?

They have added over 300 new words to the dictionary, and some of these actually make some sense to me. JOMO stands for "Joy Of Missing Out," which is fine by me sometimes. An occasional quiet night in can be so good for the soul, especially when we're seemingly always out and about running around nonstop. A Textlationship is where you text but rarely see each other in person, which I don't think is that bad of a thing at all. So many of my friends back home in Boston I can only see a few times a year, but we always stay in touch via text. They're great at making me feel still plugged in. Thirst trap basically is those social media selfies that don't serve much purpose other than seeking attention. I actually love that one. I may do selfies all the time, but there's usually some sort of purpose to show where we are. They're also to break up all of the negativity we see on social media so often. You can see the full rundown here.

A Mother admitted to favoring her younger child over the older one! YIKES! It's funny, I've always been a career bachelor but now with Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Awesome Daughters, I'm like an older friend / slight stepdad role. They're all over 15, so I just always try to help them learn from all of my lessons I've experienced in life. They always joke about being my favorite, and I always tell them they're all my favorites. I really do mean it when explaining to them that I love them all and they're seriously special in their own way. They're special in their own way, just like we are. You can read the full story and all the backlash that Mom faced here. btw, I'm only posting a pic of me with Awesome Girlfriend Megan because if I use one of our recent pictures with just one of her Awesome Daughters I'll probably get yelled at for playing favorites, LOL.


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