A brave Revolutionary War Hero might have been male and female

By all accounts Casimir Pulaski was a Revolutionary War hero. Pulaski was an excellent cavalry officer who fought to keep the Russians out of Poland. He escaped to Paris then the American Colonies. During the American Revolution troops lead by Pulaski stalled the British advance at Brandywine. Which prevented the capture of George Washington. Pulaski was killed in Savannah, Georgia fighting with American troops. He was only 34 years old. In 1854 his remains were moved from a Georgia plantation to a monument in Savannah. He is a hero to Polish Americans. The Pulaski Sky Way which connects Newark to Jersey City is named after him. Now a controversial new documentary which airs on the Smithsonian Channel Monday looks into the possibility Pulaski might have had male and female characteristics. A team from Georgia Southern University recently DNA tested the remains believed to be Pulaski's and came to the conclusion he was a biological woman who lived as a man. One other possibility is that the remains moved from the Georgia Plantation in the 1850's were those of an unknown woman and not Pulaski's.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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