My Epic Weekend In Pictures: I Literally NAILED It!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures definitely lives up to the hype. From Vernon, to Franklin, Augusta, Newton, Wantage, Hackettstown, back to Vernon this Weekend we met so many new friends. Our Home And Garden Show was a major success, thank you so much for coming out and joining us! Some of my biggest victories from this weekend involve marshmallows, being able to almost extend my arms, and kind of successfully nailing two random boards together in front of a cheering crowd. This is my life, lol.

We'll start with Friday night. I was a little tired from all of our preparations for The Home And Garden Show, and was planning on having an extremely rare, quiet, Friday night in by myself. I knew I had to rest up for the big show. Then Friday afternoon, bestie Jasen texted me and invited me over his place. As I was cruising down 23 getting ready to pick up a standard bottle of wine, he then alerted me that he had plenty of wine - but needed some things. This included ridged potato chips, a box of Rice Krispies Cereal, and a bag of little marshmallows. Okay, even I figured out pretty quickly that their game plan was to make those Krispy treat things. The excitement came from me finally locating marshmallows in the grocery store. Potato chips and cereal, those were very easy for me to find. It dawned on me that I may have never purchased marshmallows in my adult life. When I stumbled on them in the aisle, I raised my arms in victory which I'm sure made me look really odd to anyone there. At this point we can ask again, how lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan?

Great Friday night in with my besties Jasen and Brendan, just what the doctor ordered for me.

Saturday morning, game time! My morning started a little earlier than planned when one of our Weekenders called me. Apparently Tony had left his wallet at home and might not be able to get into our radio station on time. I drove down to our radio station to let him in on my way to The Sussex County Fairgrounds. Success.

The weather for our Home And Garden Show was outstanding Saturday. I LOVE these events. I get to meet so many people and make so many new friends. Some said they showed up to see what I looked like in person. It always cracks me up. I loved getting to spend time with so many of our radio station clients too, who are often fellow fans of what we do too. Half of them ask me where Awesome Girlfriend Megan was, I assure them that I'd be seeing her soon. We already can't wait for next year! April can be so funny. Last year, the weather for our Home And Garden Show was brutal, snow flurries and we still had a great crowd. This year with the weather being sunny in the mid sixties, everything was on our side. I love seeing smiles all over the place. Another highlight was running into Awesome Daughter Caitlyn and her fiance Robbie P. They're brand new homeowners, so of course our Home And Garden Show was the perfect place for them.

Many are pointing to our Facebook Live video as their Weekend Highlight. Steve Andrews came up with the hilarious idea of having me attempt to hammer in a single nail on our Facebook Live Video. I brought my tool bag and hammer (which after 6 years of ownership still have their tags on them,) but Andrews forgot to bring boards and nails from his house. Ironically our vendors didn't have nails and wood because they were already all set up. I drove 12 minutes away to Newton and scored a box of nails, and two pieces of scrap wood. It was humbling attempting to hammer in that nail, but after a few minutes we got it done! Hilarious.

Saturday afternoon after work I enjoyed two yummy victory beers with my besties from work, Kim and Shawn. We did the Founders All Day IPA, and watched skydivers landing right near us on a gorgeous afternoon. So fun, peaceful, and entertaining.

Saturday night, I took Awesome Girlfriend Megan and Awesome Daughter Hailey out for dinner. We all had great meals, and a yummy Kane IPA, so we were all smiles.


Sunday morning, after cuddling with Meg and her cats Becky and Amelia, it was time for me to return to Vernon. My arms and chest are STILL sore from my workout at Minerals Sports Club with Steph late last week. You can see that hilarious video below. The hot tubs at Minerals Sports Club were calling my name LOUDLY. I was able to utilize the lower hot tub jet, do some stretches that probably made me get several weird looks but I didn't care. I ran into several Campus buddies and enjoyed myself.

Sunday night, time to recap our weekend with our Sunday Night Kite's Crew. I enjoyed so many laughs all night with bartender Sam, JG, Brad, and Steve. Steve put a random hip hop song in all of our brains and we can't get it out now for the life of us! UGH. There's nothing like a fun Sunday night at the bar, when you're all best friends and just busting on each other all night cracking up. Perfect way to wrap up our Epic Weekend.

Overall my Epic Weekend In Pictures was fantastic. We made what feels like a zillion memories. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend --- and it'll include The New Jersey Wine And Food Festival! #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?



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