My "Home and Garden" weekend in 5 pictures

This weekend started at the Sussex County Fairgrounds with a live broadcast from the WSUS Home and Garden Show. We had a beautiful day and a nice turn out. It always amazes me how many people I meet for the first time at events like this. They come over and tell me they've been waking up with me for years but it's the first time they've actually come to a live broadcast. I love to meet my listeners so if you haven't met me yet I'll be at S.C.C.C. this Saturday. Another Home and Garden Show highlight was teaching afternoon guy Steve Allan how to use a hammer and nails. As you can see he did manage to nail two boards together. Now all he has to do is get the boards straight and learn how to close his tool bag without assistance. My home and garden weekend continued Saturday afternoon with my on going deck renovation project at the rental property I own in Hamburg. We ripped out more 20 year old boards and replaced them with new ones. We still have a little more to do. Then on Sunday I worked on my house in Pennsylvania. I cleaned my 12 year old grill and got it looking like new. After some replacement parts arrive we'll be ready for another summer of grilling. Finally, I scrubbed the side deck to my house to get it ready for staining. Keeping after outside decks is hard work but it better than letting them go and paying thousands of dollars to replace them.


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