6 Life Skills I Should've Known Before College And Still Don't

Some experts have teamed up to compile a list of 6 things that your kid should know by the time they go away to college. Without Awesome Girlfriend Megan, I would clearly be lost! Let's see how I do with things that I should know. The first one to make their list is laundry. I do wash and fold twice a month, for me it works out great. In my defense, have you seen how small the washers and dryers can be on Campus in Vernon? I could pull this off, but to be honest I would probably give myself a quick refreshing course on Youtube. Next up they say basic sewing skills? I'm a total ZERO on that one. Simple nutrition, I at least do know that one. How to cook basic foods? We know I would've failed that one until I started my cooking adventures with Awesome Girlfriend Megan a couple of years ago. They also say learning how to stay on a budget, and to that I say, I work in radio! It's absolutely necessary to stay on a budget! You can see their full list with explanations here.


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