The Newton Pool will be open next Summer

A few months ago many people expressed disappointment when it was announced the Newton Pool would be closed this summer. Part of the problem is the pool is not generating enough revenue to keep up with maintenance and repairs. So the town has to subsidize it. The good news for people who support re-opening the Newton Pool is that it will happen next year. Deputy Mayor Dan Flynn made that announcement at the end of Monday Night's town council meeting. The New Jersey Herald is also reporting Town Manager Tom Russo said enough money has been placed in Newton's capital improvement budget to cover needed repairs. A comprehensive engineering report and an assessment of how ground water is seeping into the pool must be completed first. Then the town can determine what work has to be done and seek bids from contractors. Now that the town council has decided to invest the money. I hope the residents of Newton and neighboring communities will support the pool by paying for admissions and memberships.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay


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