Newton Attorney says his arrest was "Retaliation."

Daniel Marchese has a law office on Spring Street in Newton. Last week he was arrested, cuffed and placed in the back of a New Jersey State Police cruiser in front of his office. He was charged with knowingly misusing 911 after calling the emergency line to inquire about the status of a client. Marchese admits he did call 911 but says he did so because he could not get through on the Augusta barracks main number. He says calling 911 in this situation was justified because it was "urgent" that his client know if there was a warrant for his arrest. After calling 911 Marchese was able to leave a message for a detective with the Newton Police Department. His call was returned 40 minutes later. At the end of the conversation the detective told Marchese not to call 911 again but said nothing about a plan to file a charge or arrest him. The attorney now says the arrest was an attempt by police and/or the Sussex County Prosecutors Office to "disparage" him.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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