My "Favorite Places" Weekend in 5 pictures

The two favorite places I went to this Saturday were Sussex County Community College and the S.C.M.U.A in Lafayette. The Spring Open House at S.C.C.C was Saturday Morning from 9 to Noon. I love visiting our college. I interviewed student ambassadors from England and Branchville. Dr. John Connolly President of S.C.C.C. also came over to update 1023 WSUS listeners on the new programs and expanded facilities at the college. Then I took a trip to the S.C.M.U.A. in Lafayette to dispose of some old wood from my rental property in Hamburg. The S.C.M.U.A is also one of my favorite places to visit because it's so convenient to get rid of the stuff you don't want there. The people who work there are always very pleasant and helpful too. When I got home Saturday it was warm and the sun was out. It was very enjoyable watching Maddie run around in her yard again. She stood at the foot of the deck steps and wouldn't come in until I bribed her with ham. Sunday I went to the Palm Sunday service at my church. Then "Spring Cleaned" the deck box next to my grill. Then I went to the supermarket and bought two tomatoes. Which wound up on my favorite meal: Grilled Cheese, Bacon and Tomato.


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