Rabid gray fox attacks Blairstown woman

It must have been terrifying. On Saturday a woman who owns a farm on Golden Chain Road in Blairstown was attacked by a rabid gray fox while attempting to feed the cats in her barn. The fox had already killed one of her barn cats when she arrived. The fox spotted the woman and came toward her. She threw the cat food to distract the fox but it continued to run in her direction. She was bitten twice on her leg when the fox caught up to her. The fox then ran under a porch. When it came out the woman's daughter threw an ax at the fox but it came after her. She finally knocked out the animal with a shovel. With the help of two men who were passing by in a truck she held the fox down with the shovel until it died. The woman who was bitten was taken to a hospital and is being treated for rabies. Red Foxes are more common in this area but gray foxes also make this area home.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay


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