Things Wives Secretly Hate About Their Husbands

This Whisper App is apparently an online community where people can anonymously post their feelings. Many wives recently expressed the things they secretly hate about their husbands. While Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I aren't married yet, some of these matters likely can still apply to us. This week we've been play fighting over whether or not to make my bed. Awesome Girlfriend Megan makes my bed whenever she's at my place. I rarely make my bed. I feel that it's a waste of 90 seconds every single day and that adds up fast! Both Awesome Girlfriend Megan, my Mommy Madre, and even Steve Andrews are all on "team make your bed every single day no matter how much time is wasted." UGH. This morning, because Awesome Girlfriend Megan made me feel guilty for rarely making the bed when she comes over, I made my bed. Ta-dah! 90 seconds of my life I'll never have back again, boo hiss! You can see the full story of things women secretly hate about their husbands (yet post on the internet for all to see,) here.


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