Summer Vacation Too Expensive + A Weekday Summer Option For Your Family

Despite our good economy, 39 million Americans are skipping a vacation this summer, 44% of those citing the need to pay everyday bills instead. This isn't that terrible of a story. Full disclosure, I don't think I've gone away on a vacation during my 5 years here in New Jersey. Every time I leave here it's usually to go back home and see my family. That being said, I have a potential solution. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I have fallen in love with day trips and one night getaways. In January we did a one night Friday night getaway to Atlantic City, and it was one of the most fun weekends we have ever had. If you pick your spots and make your time count, it can be so worth it. You can get all of those wonderful vacation memories in a short time. You can see more about the BankRate survey on Americans who are skipping a summer vacation by clicking here.

One of the biggest challenges I always hear from my parent friends is how to fill up time during the summer when the kids are on summer break. You can only take them to the pool and hiking trails so many times, right? AMC Theaters is trying to help that with this good value deal. It's their "Summer Camp Program," where you can watch the movie and get popcorn for just $4 on Wednesday mornings. You can see more about that here.


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