Roy Rogers Closes Without Warning, And I Can Get An Adulting Sticker?

Driving by Roy Rogers on Route 23 in Franklin this past weekend, I was surprised to see it suddenly closed. I apparently wasn't the only one. Roy Rogers closed April 23rd abruptly. I remember doing my show from there back in 2015, and enjoying a double or triple bacon burger special they had. I also remember doing 7 miles on an elliptical that Saturday morning so that I could make it count! It's a shame they had to close so abruptly. Roy Rogers didn't give an explanation to why they closed so quickly. Hopefully we can find a solid restaurant to fill the void in that space. That's definitely a high traffic area for sure.

This is one of the most hilarious things, EVER. They have invented an Adulting calendar that gives you stickers for when you successfully Adult. Steve Andrews this morning during our daily 8:45 feature quizzed me on how well I would do at getting these stickers. Being able to cook for myself, yes now thanks to Awesome Girlfriend Megan's help. Laundry, if wash and fold counts, yes! Making my bed? NO way! You can see more about these AWESOME calendars by clicking here. Why do I feel like Awesome Girlfriend Megan will be getting me one of these calendars?

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