Senate President won't allow funds to be taken from needy firefighters

Steve Sweeney, President of the New Jersey Senate vowed to stop Governor Phil Murphy's plan to move millions of dollars set aside for needy firefighters into the state's general fund. In a statement this morning Senator Sweeney said he "forcefully" opposes taking money from the New Jersey Firemen's Association. Then went on to "guarantee" the governor's proposal will not be part of New Jersey's final budget. Sweeney and Murphy are both Democrats. Yesterday it became clear the governor's proposal to move $33 Million Dollars out of the Firemen's Association and into the state treasury did not sit well with Republicans and many Democrats. Sweeney is the highest ranking member of the state senate. His opposition makes it clear the governor's proposal is going nowhere.

Source: NJ.COM

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Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

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