Stuck in mud driver gets 6 tickets after damaging Wantage field

21 Year old Zach McGee from Slate Hill thought it would be fun to drive his pick up truck onto the Lott Road Baseball Fields in Wantage. This isn't the first time someone has driven onto the fields to do spin outs and other tricks you can't do on the street. Zach didn't realize heavy rain had turned the fields into mud. His truck got stuck and he had to abandon it. When he returned yesterday the New Jersey State Police were already there. Zach was given six summonses including: reckless driving, careless driving, unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and illegal parking. His truck was also towed. A very expensive price to pay for a little fun. People who do what Zach did wind up doing serious damage to the fields. Which means repairs have to be made. Recreation fields are there for kids who want to play baseball not selfish individuals who want to play stunt driver with their pick up truck.

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

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