WARNING: My Attempt At Planting My First Ever Flower

I came up with the not so brilliant idea of planting a flower for Awesome Girlfriend Megan. I'm 37 and have never planted a flower in my life. I went to Heaven Hill Farm in Vernon on Route 94, and they attempted to help me. This likely wasn't one of my finer moments. As you may know, I'm not exactly a country boy. Martin from Heaven Hill Farm asked if my work boots were brand new, I told him that I've actually had them for 10-15 years. Complete comedy gold. Some call Marigolds an easy to plant flower for first time gardeners. I just thought it looked pretty for Awesome Girlfriend Megan. You can see how I did below on our Facebook Live video. I'm likely going back to Heaven Hill Farm very soon. I made a rookie mistake, my first time ever transporting a planted flower. The pot flipped over upside down in the passenger side of my Jeep. Dirt everywhere. I think I have to basically rebuild and replant the flower for Awesome Girlfriend Megan, but at least now I know how!

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