My Family Reunion Weekend in Pictures

I could have taken about 20 more pictures of this busy weekend but I was having too much fun just enjoying it. My cousin Tara in Warwick had a graduation party for her daughter Tori Saturday Afternoon. I knew I'd be going with Kim and Gracie but I wasn't sure if any of my other cousins would be going. Since I knew Saturday was going to be a very busy day I was pretty motivated to get more planting done after work on Friday. A burst of energy came around 3 o'clock and I got to work tilling the soil and planting in my cucumber section. As you can see the dirt is nice and black thanks to the wood chips and compost I added last fall. The cucumbers should be very happy. After dinner Miss Gracie wanted to go out for ice cream so we did. She loves cotton candy ice cream. Then on the way home I got a surprise call from my cousin Elaine. She told me she would be going to cousin Tara's party with her family and asked if they could stay at my house Saturday Night. I said "Of course." Saturday was also Subaru Saturday so my day started at Subaru World of Newton. The best moment for me was when a listener came over to the table and asked how she could win the Land of Make Believe tickets for her and her grand kids. I said "Just spin the prize wheel." When the pointer landed on "Winner" she said: "Now What?" I handed her 4 tickets to Land of Make Believe. She said "That's it." I said "Yes." She was totally thrilled. It made my day. Then it was off to cousin Tara's house. Tara's sister, my cousin Deirdre was there with her daughter and grand children. So it was me with three of my cousins with our kids and grand kids. I have over 20 first cousins. In the 1970's and 80's we would see each other with our parents at our grandma's house in Brooklyn. Grandma would put on a pot of coffee and we would all have Entenmann's Cake. We would laugh, tell stories and talk all night long. Grandma passed away in the early 90's. We all got married had our own kids and lost touch with each other. A few years ago we all started to reconnect. Seeing my cousins kids and grand kids playing together with Gracie in Tara's yard was just amazing. I know grandma and all her love was there with us. Now her great great grand children were playing together and enjoying time together. Just like her grand children did. All day Sunday the party continued with Elaine and her family at my house. Love was all around.

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