Our Epic Anniversary Weekend In Pictures With A Graduation

This has been one of our most Epic Weekends of All Time. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had nonstop adventures and challenges all throughout the weekend, but we were reminded as long as our battles are fought together, life is great. Thursday night we kicked off our 3 Year Anniversary Weekend in Hackettstown at Newton Medical Center's Wine & Roses. Friday night on our anniversary we were able to support some of our dear friends. Saturday we were seemingly all over the place. Sunday a graduation at Rutgers University that I certainly will never forget.

Thursday night at Wine & Roses we had such an amazing time. Wine & Roses is one of our favorite events that happens in our area every year, and for me it's two fold. Wine & Roses always happens right around mine and Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Anniversary, so I get good boyfriend style points for us automatically doing the nice fancy dress up date, all while supporting our friends at Newton Medical Center. I cannot lie, the timing works out tremendously for me. We had one mishap as the event ended. There was some sort of miscommunication between our originally planned shuttle home, and they were not on site. Instead of waiting for other modes of transportation, Meg and I decided to walk home from Wine & Roses at Centenary University to Meg's place in Hackettstown. It was probably a 30 minute walk or so, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Meg took her shoes off so she could walk easier. At one point, she took her stalkings off and was walking barefoot home from the event. I just looked over at her and said "SO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" We both cracked up and continued our interesting journey home. Another highlight was getting to meet my new friends Alex and Seanna. They listen all the time and were scared at first to introduce themselves to me. I'm very grateful they built up the courage to say HI. I swear I don't bite! LOL.

Friday night we were able to see our friend Tina with her band Party Of Phive play at The Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin. We recommended her band several months ago for the outdoor acoustic patio season, so when that happened, Anniversary or not we were going. We had a great time with our friends Terri and Gianna from Advanced Veterinary Care. We had so much fun. Another adventure? It rained on us while we were out there. Hard. Twice. Ah well. Tis the season, right? We were able to relax, enjoy a couple of delicious beverages and celebrate our 3rd anniversary with some of our amazing friends. A little bit of rain here and there isn't going to ruin that!

Saturday morning I was unfortunately again called into work at our radio stations. Our sister station Max 106.3 was having technical difficulties. I felt horrible having to leave Awesome Girlfriend Megan at home because of my career responsibilities yet again. It's been happening so much lately, extremely frustrating for all involved. Thankfully Meg is always an absolute trooper. I was on the phone with tech support for 40 minutes, and everything looked good so that I could go home and continue to enjoy our anniversary weekend. Not even 90 minutes later, I get a call from our engineer alerting me that Max went off the air yet again. I had to go back to our radio stations leaving Meg again. Rough.

When I went home my first time, I was able to get Meg and me iced coffees and terrific Taylor Ham breakfast sandwiches. In that time, Meg had cleaned up my place for me and fixed the flower that I ruined by letting it capsize in my Jeep last week! That reminds me, I still need to vacuum out my Jeep Compass. That dirt went everywhere. Everywhere.

Saturday afternoon, we were able to enjoy a beer right by Lake Mohawk. It was so gorgeous out, we had a great time just walking around the boardwalk. Then, back to The Cottage in Franklin where we ran into several of our besties, like Paul, Marky and Sally. Many laughs in such a short time. We knew we then had to go back to Hackettstown.

Meg knew we had Rutgers University Graduation Sunday, so she even packed a few shirts for me to pick out and wear knowing we were going straight from Franklin to Hackettstown. We enjoyed all of the energy in downtown Hackettstown Saturday night with their MaiFest. Lots of fun, we swung by Marley's, Bea McNally's, and more oh my.

We then ended up doing a chill fire pit night in Meg's backyard which was just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday, we were on the road by 7am en route to Rutgers University for their 253rd Graduation Commencement. It was raining half of our way there, HARD. We were nervous about them having to graduate in the rain. I remember my college graduation in the rain 15 years ago, it didn't damper our spirits but does make logistics much more challenging. The skies then cleared out, and the sun was blaring - on us nonstop. We were prepared well for rain, I was complimented on my cool iHeartRadio jacket, but not prepared for hot hot sun. We were baking in the hot sun for 3 hours on aluminum benches. That was tough.

The highlights were Awesome Daughter Caitlyn graduating with High Honors, we are so proud of her. I also absolutely LOVED the commencement speakers, New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions and proud Rutgers Alumni Devin and Jason McCourty!!! Their speech was fantastic. They taught many great lessons from their experiences, and even quoted both Jay Z and Cardi B, making it flow so well. One of my favorite reminders was how we shouldn't even compare ourselves to others, that you're robbing yourself of happiness if you get too caught up in that.

Rutgers graduation was so well organized I was impressed. It's not easy to bus out 30-50,000 people all at the same time, but they did it! I then was so happy to take the girls out to lunch at Long Valley Brew Pub for victory Margaritas.

Sunday, chill night with my besties Jasen and Brendan. They went to the city, and got me red licorice soft bites from Dylan's Candy Store! We were able to recap our Epic Weekends, while my nephew Spot mostly napped. Apparently our exciting weekends weren't that interesting to him. LOL.

I NEED A NAP! Overall, despite the many challenging adventures and battles, we had a wonderful Anniversary Weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend: my parents are returning for Memorial Day Weekend!

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