My Epic Weekend In Pictures: College Graduation Party And Padre's Birthday!

Well if this Weekend In Pictures wasn't Epic, I don't think anything ever will be. This weekend involved my cousin Matt's College Graduation Party, Awesome Girlfriend Megan's youngest Awesome Daughter Amanda meeting my family for her first time, I took Amanda to Boston for her first time ever, and was able to see my Dad, Padre on his birthday for the first time in 6 years. Lots of firsts, right?

We will start my Epic Weekend In Pictures with Thursday night as we often do. Saturdays and Sundays just aren't enough, right? Thursday night we had our world premiere showing Elton John's Rocketman movie, which ended up making $25 million over this weekend. On 102.3 WSUS, we had Elton John do an iHeartRadio Takeover where he was our guest DJ, giving us behind the scenes tidbits on his movie and played some of our favorite songs from him. This aired from 5-6pm, while our listener friends (and me,) were driving through a torrential thunderstorm and was perfect timing for us. It was like Elton John himself giving us a sneak preview. We always have a fantastic time with my buddy Roxanne at Flagship Cinemas in Matamoras, PA. I highly recommend this movie theater, they have a terrific local hard working team. The theater was packed, and everyone was smiling happy for the movie. It was so rewarding getting to stand in front of the movie theater and greet everyone who showed up. I was also humbled at the sweet ovation from our crowd. I told Steve Andrews, "it's not for me, it's for my Pets Of The Week!"

Friday night, after a long day at work I was ready to unwind at Minerals Moonshine Poolside Bar. I was able to hang out with some of my besties like Steve, Michele and JG. We had several great beverages and laughs. I was in bed probably by 10:30. I knew we had a lot of fun traveling ahead.

Saturday morning, time for our road trip! Awesome Girlfriend Megan and Awesome Daughter Amanda were at my place on Campus in Vernon by 6:45am. We were then Shipping Up To Boston. I was a little nervous at first when not even 5 minutes into the car ride Amanda openly expressed her concerns about getting car sick. Fortunately, neither time she was worried about getting car sick, she did not. Even though she had her head out of the window in my Jeep like a puppy on the last 15 minutes on our way back to Jersey, we were still safe thank goodness.

We only had a couple of hours to enjoy Boston before my cousin Matt's College graduation party, so I knew it was imperative to make our time count, every second. I kept us around Faneuil Hall, which to Boston is basically similar to Times Square in New York City. The main mission? To get these Jersey girls some pizza from Boston that they would never forget. Enter Regina Pizzeria, straight out of Boston's historic North End, brick oven pizza straight from 1926. These girls were blown away at how amazing this pizza is. I apologize for making you drool with the yummy pepperoni pizza picture. If it makes you feel better, it's making me drool right now too. We were able to enjoy the Boston Harbor while we were at it too. I drove Meg nuts by joking about the sea breeze being strong resulting in strong wind Knottage. We have this joke where I always try to force in terminology that fits the situation, like when I force in ski terms during winter from my deck on the ski slope. We went to Hard Rock Cafe Boston right nearby because Amanda wanted to check it out. We did one round of drinks where they were honestly much prettier looking than they tasted. Ah well. Just one mediocre at best round, nothing fatal. Now that we got some Boston swag while shopping, time to hit the road!

Saturday afternoon I tried taking them to Marina Bay in Quincy, which has one of the best Boston Skyline views anywhere. Unfortunately, it was heavy fog and you couldn't see anything at all. Backup plan, time to go to my parents a little earlier than anticipated. Only an hour earlier, not too much of a dramatic change to the game plan.

Awesome Daughter Amanda was probably blown away and slightly overwhelmed by our Allan Tavern. We have a glorified sports bar in my parents basement with tons and tons of Boston sports memorabilia. We enjoyed ourselves greatly. My parents and sister loved meeting Amanda, and she loved meeting them.

Saturday night, time for my cousin Matt's College Graduation party. I'm so proud of my cousin Matt Salvas for graduating with a degree in Physics (in Boston we say he's wicked Smawht,) from University Of Massachusetts Boston. He hit some roadblocks ten years ago, faced them head on and WON. I'm not only proud of him for being such an inspiration reminding us all to never give up, I'm even prouder of the person he has become. He's sweet, appreciative, and will send texts to me saying "hey Stevie, even though they're not my favorite team, can you please tell Awesome Girlfriend Megan good luck to her Dallas Cowboys tonight." The little things are big things. Uncle Paul gave a phenomenal speech, but didn't give us warning that he was doing it so we couldn't get it on video. I yelled at him. LOL. Aunty Donna, Uncle Paul, Matt and Brandon did a great job throwing a wonderful party.

Saturday night, we had fun at The Allan Tavern watching The Boston Bruins win woohoo. 2 more wins away from winning The Cup!

Sunday morning, we all enjoyed breakfast together. I was able to hug Padre on his actual birthday for my first time in 6 years. In radio, during spring rating season we're not supposed to take any days off basically. This was the first time his Birthday has fallen on a Sunday when I could be in Boston and not have to work. Woohoo. Little things are big things.

By Sunday night, I learned that two of my besties, Sally and Douglioso had adopted my Pet Of The Week, TURBO!!!! Talk about another huge victory. They're lucky to get Turbol

Traffic was rough for me, Meg and Amanda on our way back. The ride back to Jersey took 4 hours 45 minutes instead of the 4 hours. We survived. I went straight to Moonshine Poolside Bar for drinks with friends, and a Hot Diggity Dog from the grill. Then I made it home in time just before the skies opened up. Victories!

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend that none of us will ever forget. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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