Chores To Cheer You Up, And Micro-Cations Are Now Cool?

I have never thought of chores to boost my mood. Even though it is relaxing to walk home and have everything be clean, I just never really put the two and two together. Our friends at Prima in the UK have now ranked the top 11 mood boosting household chores (they found 11?) 86% apparently found that cleaning their houses improved their mood. I get that at times it can be therapeutic, but also at times quite the annoying but necessary chore. Decluttering is the ultimate mood booster and I can definitely agree with that. You can see there whole interesting study by clicking here.

Apparently what I have subscribed to for many years is now a "thing." They're now calling them "Microcations." This is when you take a vacation away shorter than four nights away from home. Our friends at Allianz Global Assistance are reporting that last year 57% of us took these Microcations. Nearly 72% of Millennials took a Microcation last year. 40% of Baby Boomers avoid taking trips fewer than four nights away from home. You can see the whole story here.

After spending more time than I would like to admit about figuring out the last time I have gone away for at least four nights was back in January of 2013. I was on the beach, and able to visit my best friend Rob out in Los Angeles, my first time ever going to California. After he showed me some beautiful spots in LA, Santa Monica, we then ventured to Las Vegas to see my best friend Matt who had a furniture convention there that weekend. It was an amazing time. Tough to believe that it's been 6 straight years of Microcations for me. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I have never been anywhere else for longer than two nights, and even then it was while visiting my parents in Boston during Saint Patrick's Day Weekend. Maybe next year I'll try to take Awesome Girlfriend Megan away for just a little bit longer!


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