Death Of The Doorbell

Millennials are now being blamed for killing the doorbell industry. That got me thinking, I can't even remember the last time ringing a friend's doorbell was required. With my friends, we just text / call each other and let everyone know our ETA. If I know you're coming over my place in 5 minutes, you can just come right in and not even need to knock on my door, or ring my doorbell. It's my responsibility to be ready for your arrival. Steve Andrews was busting on me for this during our daily 8:45am feature. Andrews lives in Pa, and just has only his screen door closed to prevent possible strangers and new friends visiting him. He was making fun of me because I agree with the millennials saying that hearing their doorbell would scare them. Well yeah! If you're ringing my doorbell, it's likely that you aren't my friend I just invited over to my place, and are likely a stranger. STRANGER DANGER!!! You can see more about how me, as the oldest possible living millennial, have helped kill the doorbell industry by clicking here.


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