My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Guys Golf Weekend On Cape Cod Without Golf?

Before we get into my Epic Weekend In Pictures, I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to David Ortiz "Big Papi," on a speedy recovery after that senseless weekend ambush shooting. Big Papi has always been a terrific ambassador both on and off the field. We wish him all the best for sure! This Epic Weekend In Pictures includes a Friday night massage, gorgeous sunset in Vernon on Campus, a 5 hour drive Saturday morning for our annual guys golf weekend, great time with my bros from home on a beach, yummy seafood, a bunk bed, an awesome impromptu barbecue, and napping to the Boston Bruins forcing Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals.

We'll start Friday night with a massage from my favorite massage therapist healer Elaine. She gets the stress knots out of my neck and shoulders better than anyone else I have ever seen. Elaine finds and fixes all of my trouble spots immediately (and I have many.) While I've given her a ton to work on the past few months with my bad neck and shoulders, I felt like I recently pulled my right hip in my sleep. Only me. After working on me Friday night, Elaine informed me it was actually my Soleus muscle near my calf that I hurt, and it went all the way up to my right hip. No wonder why I've been in pain the past couple of weeks. She worked that out and gave me additional stretches to get me back up and running. Even though she's my personal favorite, you can get her too. You can call Elaine at 973-534-7478.

Friday night I was able to enjoy a gorgeous sunset at Moonshine Poolside Bar with my friends Steve, Bartender Sam, and George. Bartender Sam's buddy Andrea arrived letting everyone borrow her peppermint flavored spray that acts as bug spray, and it worked like a charm. Great times.

Saturday morning I was on the road by 6:03am shipping up to Boston, Cape Cod specifically. Every year my best friends from home in New England get us together for our guys golf weekend. This year due to unfortunate timing, I wasn't able to get up there in time for golf. Hopefully next year I can get back into the golf portion of our guys golf weekend. Even though I was sad to miss golf, I was still excited to see my bros. I arrived to Matt's place on the Cape while the boys were still out golfing finishing up. I went to a nearby bar to get quick lunch, enjoying a slightly above mediocre Sea Dog Brewing blonde ale. Then I returned back to Matt's where I was locked out. Ah well. It was a beautiful day, and I knew I could just relax and sunbathe in his backyard anyway. For my Epic Weekend In Pictures, I took a selfie in front of his door posing with my thumbs up and thumbs down to see which one would look funnier. Right after I took the selfie, all of the sudden I hear Matt's voice saying "Hey Steve-O!" YIKES! I was startled and jumped. Matt has one of those security surveillance systems that alerts him when there's motion at the front door. Matt, Chris, Rob and Tim were all cracking up over this hilarious video of me making an @$$ of myself.

UPDATE: You can now enjoy the HILARIOUS video of me all the way at the bottom of this page. Thank you Sarah The Web Girl for saving me!

Saturday afternoon we had a great day at the beach. The weather was absolutely fantastic, and we were playing one of our favorite games, SpikeBall! SpikeBall is where you basically spike the ball on a trampoline like net, and team up trying to bounce it off the net without your team letting it hit the sand. We tried this out last year at my bro Chris's bachelor party, and fell in love with the game immediately. I highly recommend it. I had a good run before my right hip gave out. All of that fast moving back and forth in the sand was exactly not what the doctor likely ordered for the bad hip. I'll keep stretching and hopefully make my return next year.

Saturday night, dinner time! We went to a place called Skipper's and it was fantastic. Talk about classic Cape Cod. Can you make reservations online? Of course not. Is the place always packed? Of course. You have to go there and be prepared to just wait, wait wait. Our wait time was an hour, but we were able to play bag toss in the parking lot while waiting and enjoying a beverage.

I was all excited for the tuna steak, and they didn't disappoint. New England Clam Chowder is of course mandatory whenever I go back home to New England. Our waiter gave us an excellent tip on a new thing that they started serving, FRIED CLAM CHOWDER with hot sauce. It was amazing! We are very happy we tried it.

Saturday night after dinner we ventured out to Chapin's where we had a great time last year on their outdoor patio. We noticed it had changed a smidge from what we remembered, but still loved it. Then after a half hour of drinking and debating the changes, one of us looked up on our smartphone for more information and then realized that they have two locations. We were at their different location this time around. Whoops. We still had a great time with many laughs. Just chilling with Matt, Chris, Rob and Tim was therapeutic.

Sunday morning after a few hours of sleeping on the bottom bunk, we were back on the road. After a quick breakfast goodbye stop with my bros, it was time to return to Jersey. 5 hour drive Saturday morning and a 5 hour drive Sunday morning has me still wiped out a bit. All good, I'll go to bed early tonight for sure!

Sunday afternoon my first stop back in Jersey was at The Cottage in Franklin. They were able to help me refuel after that drive. I was able to see some of our regular Cottage buddies like Bartender Rachel, Packer Fan Patrick, and Marky. Success.

Sunday night I get a call from bestie Jasen inviting me to an impromptu barbecue at his house on Campus. Don't mind if I do! Jasen, Brendan, Lisa, and Spot all enjoyed watching a Friends marathon with me. I think they were horrified how much of the words to the shows I still know over 20 years later. I watched them all live, and then got the DVDs. I'm sorry but not sorry!

Then I was able to wrap everything up by napping on my couch watching the Boston Bruins force Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Great times. I need a nap! Overall I had an amazing weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend, when I'm taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan to New Jersey Food And Beer Festival At Crystal Springs, I'll likely be doing the hippy hop race. #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?


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