How being on your phone makes your grocery bill higher

I usually see my trips to the supermarket as an escape. I'm totally focused on my coupons and sale items. Talking on my phone when I'm shopping is a distraction. That's just me. It's pretty common to see people talking on the phone when they're shopping. Now a new study done by the University of Tennessee has concluded being on the phone while shopping is actually costing people money because they buy more groceries. The first study said people added 45 percent more groceries to their cart. In a follow up study people added 56 percent more groceries! On average that added 41 percent to their grocery bill. When you think about it this makes perfect sense. Talking on your phone is a distraction which adds to the time it takes to shop. The more time you spend in the store leads to buying more stuff. So unless your using an app to compare prices. Put the phone down and focus. It works for me.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo by Pixabay


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