My Epic "Father's Day" Weekend in Pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words so I won't be typing too many words to recap my Father's Day Weekend. My weekend started with my Subaru Saturday live broadcast at Subaru World of Newton. I decided to wear my vintage black and yellow Subaru cap. My friends who work at Subaru World told me the cap is a classic and pretty rare these days. I offered to trade it in for a different cap. They said no but wanted me to have a new Subaru cap for Father's Day. Thank You David, Mike, Kyle and Chris. I love my new Subaru Cap. Especially since it's in Met's colors. We had some comedy when I got home Saturday Afternoon. Kim bought Gracie some kid's nail polish. Gracie decided to paint her nails and Maddie's nails. As you can see Maddie was a very good sport. My Father's Day started with a McDonald's Big Breakfast from my daughter and her boyfriend. They wanted to take me out but I wanted to relax at home. My Big Breakfast with an extra side of bacon was a perfect compromise. My son James got me a case of my new favorite beer, Then poured me an ice cold glass to enjoy. Matt bought me some very nice Columbia Polo's that you'll see me wearing all summer. Then for Father's Day dinner it was my favorite: New York Strip Steaks on the grill!


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