My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Atlantic City And Vernon Fun!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures is so Epic, we're starting on Wednesday. These past few days our travels have taken us to Atlantic City, Vernon, Vernon, and Franklin. Some of our travels took us down the shore to AC, yet some of them kept us right close to and on Campus in Vernon. This was a Father's Day Weekend we will never forget. I was shaking hands with one of the New York Football Giants who broke my Patriots heart in the Super Bowl. Plus, Awesome Girlfriend Megan made me very jealous, which we will get into that one shortly.

This past week we ventured down to Atlantic City for our New Jersey Broadcasters Association convention. They don't do as many radio conventions these days, so whenever an opportunity arises I get psyched. It was a year ago November when Steve Andrews was inducted into the Hall Of Fame. I have so many wonderful memories from these events. Upon getting into the cocktail hour, I ran into Nate. One of my best friends, ironically we were texting each other the day before about something unrelated, and had no idea we'd be running into each other at the convention in Atlantic City. Once I ran into my bestie Nate, we knew this was going to kick off an Epic Weekend.

After the cocktail hour, our Market President (and now NJBA Chairman Of The Board,) Chuck Benfer treated us to dinner at The Palm in Tropicana. My colleagues Gary, Rob, and I got insanely lost on our way to dinner! We eventually made it and were very relieved to sit down and relax. We ordered the seafood tower, which was loaded with Alaskan King Crab Legs, Oysters, and Lobsters, OH MY! These were fantastic. Then to top if off with a yummy medium rare NY Strip Steak? Food heaven! We're also happy that our cluster of radio stations were recognized for our Opioid Epidemic Town Hall. Awards are wonderful for those who win them, I'm honestly more proud of the positive difference our radio stations were able to make. After dinner, we watched the Bruins lose game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, where all my NY Sports loving colleagues were thriving on my misery.

Friday night we had a cookout at my place. Unfortunately I was slammed at work Friday after our two day Atlantic City convention, but my friends were there to take care of me. Jasen and Brendan urged me not to buy anything, so I only contributed wine to the cookout at my place. So they basically had a cookout at my place, and it worked out GREAT. I even made good on my promise to Awesome Girlfriend Megan, and tried American Cheese from a deli. I didn't like it, didn't hate it, but could do it again if I needed to do so. Small victories.

Saturday I had another wonderful massage from my girl Elaine on my troubled right hip. She stretched me in ways I didn't even know were possible. We'll take it! I'm still not back to 100%, but she helped me a long way. I called her my human cortisone shot. You can call her at 973-534-7478, she can heal you too.

Saturday afternoon, time for the New Jersey Food And Beer Festival at Crystal Springs. This event is so well organized, we had a blast. The delicious beer and food all over the place on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon? Sign us up! We had so much fun running into our friends all over the place. The outdoor activities all around the tent were also phenomenal. Truth be told, because of my bad hip, I'm happy that I missed the hippy hop race this year. I was really afraid of aggravating my injury or making it even worse. Next year when we return I'll defend my crown. Why is Awesome Girlfriend Megan making me jealous?

Former New York Giants player Chris Canty, who beat my Patriots in The Super Bowl years ago, was there at Food + Beer Festival. He was doing Meet & Greets by the Mike's Hard Lemonade truck. Awesome Girlfriend Megan went total fan girl and went gaga over him. She was excited to meet a real National Football League veteran player in person for her first time ever. One friend said "Hey Steve Allan, stand up next time you take a picture with him." Meg is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. Giants are her rival, and this guy literally beat me in the Super Bowl. Yet there she is on cloud 9, so excited to meet him! Chris Canty was a great sport. I shook his hand and congratulated me, saying they earned the Super Bowl over me. I admitted it still hurt. Chris said "Steve, you're great, you still have SIX OTHER ONES!!!!" LOL

Saturday night we enjoyed fun on Campus, going back and forth between our friend Spooner's and Moonshine Poolside Bar.

Sunday it was time for our farewell beer at The Cottage per usual. Meg and I were very excited to see the Space Farms truck, getting to run into our friends Jill and Parker Space. We shared many laughs over that one yummy beer.

Sunday afternoon I spent an hour or two in the hot tubs at Minerals Sports Club, and was sooooo happy to do that. I put the jets right on my hip, and it felt great. Then a nightcap, where I was in bed by 8:30pm. Success.

Overall we had an amazing Father's Day Weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend: taking Meg to see Luke Bryan in concert!


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