Solutions For Partners Who Make Sleeping Challenging

Buzzfeed put up 16 gadgets that can help you sleep better if your partner makes sleeping a challenge. While most of these don't apply to me (haven't snored that bad in a few years knock on wood,) #6 on this list will likely be purchased by Awesome Girlfriend Megan very soon. These "Bedsheet suspenders," will allegedly grip and clip your sheets so that they stay secure. I apparently have a tendency to steal sheets off of poor Awesome Girlfriend Megan at night, because I'm a restless sleeper, moving around a ton. My brain always has a tough time turning off no matter how hard I try.

How about some great news if you live in Sussex County? They're saying that spending 2 hours per week taking in nature can boost your health and well being. Does having a glass of wine on my deck at night count as taking in nature? I think it should! They're recommending even visiting greenhouses can make a positive difference. After spending time at Heaven Hill Farm on Route 94 in Vernon last month, I can agree with that. When you're surrounded by beautiful sights and scents, life is great. You can see the whole story by clicking here.


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