Sharks In New Jersey! Plus tips on working out, and an Insta-Trend.

This is the video that has everyone all over America talking today, and it happened right here in New Jersey. A great white shark ate the fisherman's bait right off of their boat. They're estimating this shark was 16-18 feet long and maybe two thousand pounds! This video is pretty cool and rather frightening at the same time. Am I the only one hearing The Jaws theme song in my head right now while watching this? The fisherman all ended up being okay despite this very close call with the great white shark. You can read more about how the fisherman felt during this by clicking here.


What's the toughest part of a workout routine? Getting started! It can be scary and intimidating. Once my hip bursitis gets cleared hopefully I'll be up and running again, however it has been two years since I've been running. Our friends at In Style are giving us some tips that can help you get started. Being clear about goals, stretching the right way, don't start too fast, sticking to a schedule are all things that can help us. You can see the full ten here.

This is a trend that I hope goes away pretty quickly. Apparently all the rage on Instagram right now is to pose like a Flamingo. Yes, a Flamingo. This is where you basically stand on one leg with the other half bent for your Instagram followers. I don't really get this one. Self plug alert, feel free to follow me on Instagram @SteveAllanRadio and I'll follow you back - plus, you'll get to see my Epic Weekend In Pictures before anyone else.


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