Former Met Lenny Dykstra went dumpster diving

Lenny Dykstra has been involved in many strange situations over the past few years. His neighbors have complained about the people he rents rooms to. An Uber driver filed a police complaint against him. His former team mate Ron Darling accused him of making racial slurs towards Red Sox players during the 1986 World Series. This time I think what happened is perfectly understandable. Yes, Lenny Dykstra went dumpster diving at the Jersey Mike's Sandwich Shop in Linden on Saturday. He was digging and sifting through the trash for 9 hours until Sunday morning. What was he looking for? His $80,000 custom made bone marrow dentures. Lenny went on Twitter Saturday night to ask for help after an employee at the store mistakenly threw out the dentures. Dykstra says the bread on his sandwich was a little hard. So he took out the dentures and wrapped them in a napkin. Then he forgot to take the false teeth with him when he left the restaurant. The good news is this Lenny Dykstra story has a happy ending. After the 9 hour search the dentures were found. This reminds me of when my kids would misplace their retainers. On several occasions I've had to sift through the trash to look for them. They were always wrapped in a tissue or a napkin, of course.

Source: NJ.COM

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