Blairstown Fourth of July Celebration

The Blairstown Fourth of July Celebration

When: Thursday, July 4th

Where: Footbridge Park in Blairstown, NJ

Price: Free


  • Park Opens at 10:30 AM (Please arrive 20 minutes earlier in order to relax & enjoy.)
  • Opening Ceremony is at 11 AM . (Reading of the Declaration of Independence.)
  • Leap-Frog Race (Bring buddy or Blairstown can pair you.)
  • Balloon Toss (Bring buddy or Blairstown can pair you. Blairstown provide balloons.)
  • Patriotic Pet Contest (Dress your favorite pet in Red, White and Blue.)
  • Pie Eating Contest (Hands behind your back, no utensils. Blairstown provide pies.)
  • Pie Bake-Off (Arrive by noon with baked pie.)
  • Hula Hoops (Blairstown provide Hula Hoops.)
  • Sack Race (Blairstown provide sacks.)
  • Oreo Stacking (Blairstown provides Oreos.)

Live entertainment and educational exhibits.

  • 5th NJ Co. B - Civil War
  • Banjo Band
  • Dunk Tank
  • Frontier Guard - Revolutionary War
  • Jumping Castle
  • Lost Ramblers
  • Kid Village
  • Marketplace
  • Flag Display



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