My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Some Work, And Some Play!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures is certainly memorable. I want to point out one of my favorite highlights that happened Friday afternoon before I even left the radio station. My friends at Father John's Animal House informed me that BEAR, my beautiful German Shepard Adopt A Pet Of The Week, was being adopted in less than 24 hours after visiting my radio show. In fact, my friends at Father John's told me that their phone was ringing off the hook before I even got off the air Thursday. It's a wonderful feeling, getting to know we helped Bear and so many other rescued Pets. It's also a wonderful feeling knowing that these pets are going to make their new families smile, often!

Awesome Girlfriend Megan had the Awesome Daughters in Hackettstown this weekend, so this meant back to my old bachelor lifestyle. Friday night I was able to hang out with some of my besties at Moonshine Poolside Bar, right on Campus in Vernon. Had a great time hanging with some of my besties, Spooner, Steve, and Brad. Then more regular friends started showing up after 8pm. Summer can be funny, from 7-8 at an outdoor bar it can be dead, then suddenly from 8pm on it's like you go from 5 to 50 people, all in a 15-30 minute span. Feast and famine. We had a wonderful time Friday night enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, while enjoying the therapeutic oasis like sounds from pools.

Not to jinx anything, but it dawned on me Saturday morning that I have not had an in person BEAR encounter on Campus in Vernon yet this season, and we're now into July! They have been regulars down the street from me, but haven't been over to my neighborhood as much apparently. Do they not know that BEAR Week is coming up soon? I was on my couch and a black blur sped by my deck. I ran out to see if it was a BEAR, but negative, instead it was a cute black kitty. I also suspect this kitty may be the one to blame for the dead chipmunk Meg and I recently spotted near my deck. I haven't seen this cat around before, I'm hopeful he wasn't left behind by a moving owner.

Saturday morning, time to drop off my dry cleaning. I knew being away 3 out of 5 weekends in June would set me back quite a bit, and it did. My old record was 14 shirts, I think this time I trumped it with 17. Looks like nothing but polo shirts for me at the radio station this week! I then went to Marshall's in Newton. It always seems like for every 3 times you go to Marshall's / TJ Maxx, 2 of them you leave empty handed because nothing is a perfect match, but then that 3rd time you score! I went in on a mission to get a colorful bathing suit. Meg pointed out that my black bathing suit is hypocritical, because I have been the one pushing her and all of my female friends at work to start wearing more color. Typical shopping experience, before finding bathing suits a new shirt I loved jumped right out at me, almost tackling me. I ended up with that new shirt, and two new bathing suits that are much more colorful. The cashier said "wow, people will be able to spot you in these!" Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Saturday afternoon, taking my show on the road to Audi Newton on Route 206. It really does amaze me how much my friend Wally Darwish can turn places around, and I always love his positive energy / attitude. Every month we have so much fun there, surrounded by smiling and happy customers. We walk in smiling, and leave smiling. Plus, a couple of Sussex County Miners players were cruising around town, listening to me on the radio and came down to say hi. They were getting ready for the game coinciding with Ladies Night. I was more than happy to join them for a selfie.

Saturday afternoon, then time to take Meg and Awesome Daughters to lunch at The Irish Cottage Inn. Awesome Daughter Caitlyn enjoyed her yummy margarita, Awesome Daughter Amanda enjoyed her yummy Shirley Temple, Meg enjoyed her Perpetual IPA, and I enjoyed my Carton Brewing BOAT IPA. Follow that up with a buffalo chicken pizza, and I'm happy! Of course my Boston Red Sox were on TV, getting pummeled by The Yankees, much to the crowd's delight.

Saturday night, the huge severe thunderstorms totally missed us in Vernon. I know Sparta got hit pretty hard during Meg's drive through there back to Hackettstown, but it totally missed us in Vernon. I hear it missed my friends at Rock Ribs And Ridges too. It's a funny reinforcement to that phrase we say all that time "ISOLATED storms." We were happy the storms missed us, so we were able to have fun at Moonshine Poolside Bar at Minerals. JG, Steve, and other friends were there to join us in laughing while making memories.

Sunday morning I woke up with a terrible headache, then kept breaking out in cold sweats. Almost fever like. Very bizarre. That knocked me out of commission until 12pm, but then I felt all better after resting. I went grocery shopping, then back to The Cottage on my way home. I didn't realize that today would've been our late, dear friend Bobby O'Hara's 80th Birthday. Bobby passed away during Saint Patrick's Day Weekend this year, and we have missed him ever since. It was a great time to spend time with friends, telling our Bobby stories, laughing, and having a drink to honor him up in Heaven. He's probably up there teasing me about my Patriots as we speak.

Sunday night, Campus Cookout time! Jasen and Brendan invited me over and warned me to bring my appetite! I tried dumplings for my first time ever, and unfortunately I must admit they're not for me. I get how everyone loves them, the texture just wasn't for me. That being said, the yummy yummy steak definitely agreed with me! We had such a great Sunday chill night in on Campus. Just what the doctor ordered to round up the weekend. We had another amazing weekend with some wonderful friends. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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