My "Hershey Birthday" vacation weekend in pictures

The last vacation day I took was February 1st. This "vacation birthday" weekend was really needed. I took my daughter's family to Hershey Park. Visited with my cousins who live close to Hershey in Harrisburg. Then came home on Friday to celebrate my birthday with the rest of the family. I've been to Hershey Park many times. My first visit was back in 1975 with my dad. Hershey Park has grown so much over the years but the great family atmosphere has not changed. Wednesday afternoon we checked into the hotel and had a blast in the pool with Gracie for a few hours. After an early dinner we went to Hershey Park for their free preview. We enjoyed the rides in the kid's area with Gracie until the park closed at 10. Thursday the temperatures in Hershey reached 97 degrees. We enjoyed the water park, Zoo America and went on some rides. By 2 o'clock the heat was just too much. Especially for Gracie. So we went back to the hotel. I wish we could have spent more time in Hershey Park but the heat and excitement just exhausted Gracie. Thursday evening I used one of the outside grills at our hotel to cook burgers and hot dogs. The poolside barbecue with my cousins was fun and relaxing. We had a great time until midnight. Friday we had another great breakfast at our hotel and left for home. Saturday was my birthday. I caught up on pool maintenance and mowed the yard. Then my sons took me out to their favorite Japanese Restaurant in Middletown, New York. My chicken stir fry was great and I had plenty left over for Sunday dinner. My birthday celebration concluded with some excellent ice cream cake from my friends at Riverside Creamery.


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