Some fireworks are now legal in New Jersey

In 2017 the across the board ban on fireworks was lifted in New Jersey. On the day before July 4th, I thought it would be helpful to review what New Jersey residents can and can't have under the new law. First, here's what New Jersey residents cannot have: Firecrackers, Roman Candles, Bottle Rockets and any kind of fireworks that lift off the ground. What New Jersey residents can now buy and enjoy include: hand held or ground based sparklers, snakes, smoke devices, glow worms, party poppers, snappers and drop pops. Municipal permits are needed for tent sales of fireworks and fireworks shows. Fireworks laws vary widely from state to state. Anyone who visits where I live in Matamoras, Pennsylvania can't help but notice several large fireworks stores. I-84 which passes through Matamoras connects the area to several states where laws are more lenient. The fireworks stores have been very busy this year. I think tonight and tomorrow night are going to be pretty noisy. Have fun but be careful folks. Happy 4th of July!

Source: New Jersey Herald

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Photo by Pixabay


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