My "Chill" Weekend in Pictures

I was off work this weekend and left right after my show on Friday. I was home by 10:45 so Friday actually felt like an extra day off. The only event this weekend was my son Matt's birthday on Saturday. Matt and his girlfriend declined my invitation to have dinner because he worked a lot of overtime this past week and they just wanted to relax. We'll have dinner one day this week instead. I might try to find a coupon for whatever restaurant we go to because he gets embarrassed when I use them. (Just kidding Matt). For now I'll post my favorite picture of Matt and his girlfriend and a picture of me with Matt when we were both a little younger. The weekend did include several accomplishments. First of all, we got my daughter Kim to spend a couple of hours in the pool with Gracie. That was fun. Kim and I also reorganized the pantry. That was not fun but the end result was very nice. Kim also did a great job reorganizing the linen closet. Now all we have to do is make sure everyone else in the house doesn't mess them up. I did start to work on a very small project: Repairing the Mike Piazza wall plaque Matt left behind when he got his own apartment. The plaque was chipped and there were some chunks taken out of the wood. Hopefully, after a little spackle and some fresh paint the plaque will look much better. As of now I think one more light sanding is needed. Finally, there's a picture of my dog Maddie. When I got up Saturday Morning she was on the couch sleeping. She moved the three pillows herself. So they were in the exact place to maximize her comfort. Maddie is a very funny dog.


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