My Epic Weekend In Pictures - The Slip And NO Slide Ouch!

When the weekend starts on Wednesday, you know this will likely be one of our most Epic Weekend In Pictures yet. We enjoyed so many moments that we'll never forget. The slip and slide fail video you can see on our 102.3 WSUS Facebook page, my Facebook, and my Instagram @SteveAllanRadio.

Wednesday night, I was tired from a long day at work. Believe it or not, even in radio these long days can happen. A couple of my buddies invited me out to Tiki Bar on Campus in Vernon, and I replied with "I'm leaving now, if I don't get up right this second I'll fall asleep on my couch and won't get back up." I am very happy I did! We enjoyed a round upstairs at Kite's to dodge the hot sun, then ventured downstairs to the Moonshine Poolside Bar. Little did I know, tons of my great friends were there. It was like 4 parties in one. In hindsight, given that so many were off on the fourth, perhaps I should've been expecting to run into some of my wonderful friends. That kind of fun I never take for granted.

Thursday, we went off to celebrate the Fourth with Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Family. Meg is a trooper. There are so many family events that I miss due to my radio career, both she and they are always so understanding. I have been hearing for years about how Epic this party in Easton, Pennsylvania is. They proved it to me this year for sure!

Before the party even got started, Meg's brothers invited me to check out some cars with them. This meant the world to me. I have been able to hang out with Meg's Awesome Brothers at wonderful, large family events, but never just me and them. Just me, Rick, Tim and Shawn was just what the doctor ordered. I was able to enjoy some laughs with Meg's Awesome Brother Kevin later too.

The ribs they cooked all fell off the bone and were some of the best I have ever had!!! The view of a golf course (6th hole,) never gets old. The fireworks show they put on is probably a larger scale than even some local professional shows! Thank you, Shawn and Debbie! The feeling of firework remnants literally raining on you as you're watching is such a hilarious, surreal, and slightly dangerous feeling. I was covering my beer in one hand, and my eyes with my other all while enjoying the show. #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong?

The part of the party that has more people talking would be the me on the slippy slide episode. I don't know how exactly it got started, I think it was Meg's Awesome Brother Rick who first asked me if I would dare take a ride on the slippy slide. Little by little, everyone started cheering for it more and more. Meg's Awesome Mommy Rita and Pop were also joining in on cheering me to take the plunge. They offered me a bathing suit to borrow. Remember that Seinfeld episode from the 90s, when Kramer asked Jerry to borrow his bathing suit? Jerry responded with "No, I don't want your boys in my neighborhood." That being said, I kept my boxers on under the bathing suit I borrowed for this mission. You can see the video in full on our 102.3 WSUS Facebook page, my Facebook page, and on my Instagram @SteveAllanRadio. Plenty of places to enjoy this comedy gold. I tried sliding, but apparently the slide had dried up and I had to manually scoot myself down looking extremely pathetic. Not the first nor last time kids have shown me up. Great memories with Meg's family. We are so blessed. They have taken me in from day one. They're all truly amazing people. By the way, I still demand style points for never dropping my beer!

Friday, I was back to work! We had a live broadcast at Nissan Of Stanhope on Route 206. I met several new listener friends and was psyched. They were also good sports about joining my Weekend In Pictures. Smiling faces all around. Plus, before I was able to get Awesome Girlfriend Megan's favorite pistachios to surprise her. The beauty of little surprises is they don't have to be expensive. I surprised Meg 3 times this weekend, once with a little flower arrangement, once with pistachios, and once with peanut butter vanilla ice cream. Each surprise cost less than $6, so my frugal self was quite happy with that value!

Friday night, chill night on Campus with Carrie, Jasen and Brendan. We were psyched for that.

Saturday, I took Meg to Daily Swirl for our first time ever. Yes, I've lived here for 5.5 years and have driven by it a million times. I'm not a big ice cream person, but lately Meg has admitted to craving peanut butter ice cream. I took her there on a whim and we were psyched. I did the Caramel Volcano and it was fantastic. I highly recommend that. Boyfriend points woohoo!

We then went to our friends Chris and Christine in Hamburg. They showed off their gorgeous new place, and really really know how to throw an Awesome party! It was a great Saturday night domestication suburb feel. Lots of fun and laughs. When Meg and I were in Boston last time, we had a terrific IPA from our Bog Iron Brewery in Norton, MA. We knew Chris and Christine would be impressed if we brought them this fantastic beer. I'm happy to say our results speak for themselves. We had a wonderful time. Even though I am rusty from cornhole bag toss and got crushed, we still had fun.

Sunday morning we were very excited to watch The Women's World Cup at The Irish Cottage Inn. Meg and I aren't big soccer fans, but this was such a huge pop culture American moment we didn't want to miss this. It felt really odd to be somewhere and be a only casual fan of the game on TV. Normally I'm a rabid passionate fan living and dying with every play. It was actually rather refreshing. The bar was packed by 11am and we were psyched. I had already been called into work once that morning, so we were more than ready for an ice cold beer after that. I was driving poor Meg nuts with my soccer terminology, constantly referring to the score as 2 NIL, instead of 2-0 or two to nothing. We had a great time. The crowd went wild with each goal. A fun day we will never forget.

Sunday afternoon, I hit the hot tubs at Minerals Sports Club. Talk about heaven on Earth on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I was able to get a jet on my right hip, the one affected by hip bursitis for quite some time and very happy with that!

Overall, we had an amazing weekend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!


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